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About Laurie

My desire to sew began when I was young and wanted to make my own Barbie Doll clothes on the sewing machine. My mother said I had to wait until I had sewing in junior high, and I was frustrated because I did not want to wait. I continued to hand sew and finally, at the age of thirteen, was able to use a sewing machine. I have not stopped since. I sewed most of my clothes through high school and college.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie WI with a degree in Clothing, Textiles and Design. I took a Fiber Arts class while in college and was first exposed to quilting. I never finished that quilt, but my love of quilts grew. I have made lots of quilts but became bored with the traditional process in 2003 and quit because nothing inspired me. I got my groove back when I realized I could combine my love of illustration and fashion design, the history of fashion, and my hairdressing profession and make contemporary quilts of my own designs.

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Artist Statement

My work employs fabric and traditional quilting methods to create portraits and abstract art pieces which explore concepts such as self-image, vanity, and the changing definition of female beauty.

I was first exposed to quilting during a Fiber Arts class in college, but I soon became bored with the traditional process. I began making art quilts when I realized I could combine my love of illustration, fashion design, the history of fashion, and inspiration from my hairdressing profession to create contemporary quilts of my own design.

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